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Election 2025 - Key Issues

The impending 2025 Federal election offers two stark choices for voters:

  1. Continue playing our part in reducing global emissions and transition to a energy future based on our abundant renewable resources OR walk away from our legal obligations to the Paris Accord, forget about emissions reductions for 20 years and implement a nuclear energy strategy that is uncosted, untested and 20 years away from any (dubious) benefits.

  2. Policies developed from data, science, dialogue and reasoning OR the Coalition's "post-truth" approach of Donald Trump - repeat lies often enough and forcefully enough and they become truths. 

Our goal is to give you clear, objective, apolitical information so that you understand the pros and cons, costs, benefits and risks of the policies on offer.

Emissions Reductions

The Coalition has said it:

  • will not announce its 2030 emissions reduction target until after the election

  • doesn't believe this will impact our Paris Accord status

  • will rely on nuclear to get us to net zero by 2050.

Nuclear Energy

The Coalition's energy policy is:

  • centered on implementing nuclear energy ahead of  renewables

  • continuing fossil fuel generation until nuclear arrives to deliver our net zero 2050 emissions goal

  • to build 7 nuclear power stations with the first to go online in 2035-37

  • owned by the Government

Future of Renewable Energy

The Coalition is sending mixed messages about their commitment to renewable energy:

  • labelling them "economy wreckers" and "filthy"

  • Liberals saying "still a place for them"

  • Nationals saying "cap on renewables"

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