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Abandoning Our Emission Reduction Targets

How to make sense of and fight back against the Liberal and National Party's proposal to ignore our legally binding Paris Accord emissions reductions targets

What are they proposing?

Claiming Australia's current 2030 target of 43% emissions reduction is "unachieveable and "wrecking the economy" the Coalition has said it:

  • Will not support the updated 2030 target required by law by February 2025.

  • Will not announce its 2030 emissions reduction target until after the election.

  • Doesn't believe this will impact our Paris Accord status or our economy.

  • Will rely on the arrival of nuclear energy to get us to net zero by 2050​.

Implications for Australia

Some problems this approach may cause Australia.

  • Will likely freeze any renewables investment for at least 2 years; why would anyone invest when the Coalition position on the role of renewables is divided and unclear?

  • Already alarming investors over "unprecedented sovereign risk".

  • Risks punitive tariffs on our exports to EU and others.

  • Lumps us in with Libya, Yemen and Iran as Paris Accord "outsiders".

  • Risks leaving us with an impossiblely short period to reach net zero by 2050 if nuclear rollout is delayed.

  • Does nothing for the 83% of our emissions coming from outside the electricity sector.

Some Inconvenient  Questions

Some questions for Liberal and national MPs. Caution: may make them squirm or prevaricate.

  • Emissions projections for 2030 are for 37% reduction from current programs and 42% with programs being implemented or proposed. Why do you call that unachievable?

  • What risk analysis had been carried out around the impacts of any loss of investor confidence in Australia and investment needed in other sectors?

  • What assessment have been made of the likely economic impact if punitive tariffs are applied to our exports going to the EU and others?

  • What assessments have been made of the 2050 emissions reductions that will be needed when nuclear power comes on line?

  • The energy sector accounts for only 17% (and falling) of our current emissions. What projections and policies do you have for reducing the other 83% of emissions, especially those that do not benefit from nuclear energy?

Listen To The Experts not PR

Here are some reality- and science-based reports you should consider. Each has a 2-3 page executive summary which should give you a good introduction to their subject.

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