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Joining is important as politicians want to know how big a group they are dealing with. It also helps fund our activities and messaging. As a Full member ($25 pa) you have full access to our material, plans and information, as well as having voting rights to elect our committee or to stand for office. Associate members ($10) have the same access but are not entitled to vote nor stand for election.

Donating is always welcome and doubly so at the moment as a benefactor will match your donation dollar (up to a total limit of $2,000). That's right - your donation of, say, $50 is worth $100 to us. Please consider a donation.

By submitting this form, you agree to abide by our Rules of Association and adhere to our Values statement. Your application will be processed when we see your payment in our account: BSB 633 000, account 173 071 218.

Thanks for applying; we will be in touch soon!

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