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Future of Renewables In Australia

The role of renewable energy source is under threat from the vague plans and divided views within the Liberal and National Party.

What are they proposing?

This is hard to pin down as there are a wide range of opinions expressed as fact or policy between ands within the Liberal and National Party MPs. No definitive plan or policy has been announced.

  • Dutton claims renewables are "wrecking the economy".

  • Dutton claims the renewables rollout will cost $1 trillion.

  • Littleproud claims they are "filthy" and there will be a cap on renewables rollout.

  • Dutton says there is no cap.

Implications for Australia

Some problems this approach may cause Australia.

  • Gas useage must ramp up up replace a reduced renewables rollout.

  • The life of coal-fired power stations needed to be extended until nuclear comes on board.

  • The higher cost of gas and coal generation must increase electricity prices.

  • Damages investor confidence in long-term Government planning in Australia.

  • Does nothing for the 83% of our emissions coming from outside the electricity sector.

  • Kills off the new jobs bonanza flowing from renewable energy sector projects underway.

Some Inconvenient  Questions

Some questions for Liberal and national MPs. Caution: may make them squirm or prevaricate.

  • What evidence are you relying on when you claim "renewables are wrecking the economy"?

  • Why are you claiming a renewables cost of $1 trillion when AEMO puts the figure at $120 billion?

  • What percentage of energy in 250 will come from renewables? Nuclear? Fossil Fuels??

Listen To The Experts not PR

Here are some reality- and science-based reports you should consider. Each has a 2-3 page executive summary which should give you a good introduction to their subject.


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