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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Our Prime Minister and his mates keep saying "we're on track to beat our Paris emissions targets in a canter". Their own facts say otherwise.

To meet a 26-28% decrease from our 1990 figure of 660 million tonnes of CO2 means we

need to reduce our emissions to at 475-501 megatonnes by 2030. Too bad our emissions are trending up by 3-5 Mt per year, not down at the 6-7 Mt per year needed to hit the target.

They plan to claim their over-achievements against the Kyoto targets as a "carbon credit" for their Paris goals. Too bad that it is not allowed for in the Paris agreement and no other nation supports this approach.

Only a realistic, committed and effective climate change policy will get them there. With Australia rated 61st out of 61 nations in effectiveness of their climate change policy, there is not much hope of that.

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